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Changes in Technology and Consumer Behavior are Forcing Brands to Reconsider where They Spend Marketing Dollars

The digital, social and mobile waves have created choppy seas for advertisers. Brands are conducting wholesale strategy reassessments, and the industry will have to select winning ad tech tools in a crowded market.

Advertising Age: It’s Not Just Cyclical: Industry Change is Driving Marketing Giants to Review Media Agencies 

“‘Clients need to make sure they have the right partner that can help them stay up to date on data and analytics … What’s different now than 10 to 15 years ago is there are a lot of different agencies that can play that role. It used to be so easy with the creative agency, media agency and digital agency. Now there are so many different agencies who are really driving strategy.'”

“There is an unprecedented number of top-spending marketers prepping and conducting media reviews, with giants like Coca-Cola, Unilever and L’Oréal all rethinking how, and where, to spend their media dollars.”

eMarketer: Worldwide Ad Spending (with infographic)

“Explore eMarketer’s latest forecasts for mobile, digital and traditional ad spending across 22 countries. See which countries are leading the ad spending pack and which are projected to grow the fastest over time.”

TechCrunch: Three Things to Consider Before Investing in Ad Tech

“Amid a talent and investor drought and growing challenges with fraud and ad-blockers, ad tech is in an unusual place. People aren’t putting money in ad tech, and the players are playing a bloody game. Yet ad tech revenue is projected to reach $100 billion in five years.”

“Today’s advertisers are getting more selective. Just look at the tug-of-war between publishers and advertisers over viewability. In addition, buy-side and sell-side ad companies are going to face some serious challenges, and the only way to overcome them is to get back to basics.”

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