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We’re Rebranding to Action Point Analytics!

Marketing analytics firm Action Point Consulting today announced that it is rebranding to Action Point Analytics. The name change reflects the company’s specialization as a purpose-built analytics agency.

“The future of marketing is a data-infused creative process and we are excited to be a part of this evolution,” said Christa Rose, managing partner. “We are positioning Action Point Analytics to reflect our commitment to developing data techniques that will give marketers new tools to keep pace with the rapidly accelerating sophistication in marketing.”

Action Point brings high-scale data analytics to the creative process to provide the data-backing for strategy development, optimization, impact and ROI. The firm offers analytics on audience targeting, campaign analytics, content performance, engagement measurement, reputation tracking and competitive analysis.

It is no surprise that nearly nine in 10 marketing and sales professionals worldwide said that implementing a data-driven marketing strategy is complicated, according to eMarketer. A poll of North American marketing and sales professionals reported that the top three challenges were 1) Maintaining data quality (83%), 2) Time and resources to implement an effective process (71%) and 3) Lack of customer data (66%).

Marketers are facing shrinking budgets for 2018. At the same time, Forbes states, there will be greater accountability for revenue generation and marketing return on investment. “CMOs need their marketing data and teams to talk fluently to their revenue data and teams, cross-functionally collaborating on campaigns, web and mobile experiences and customer insights. This orchestrates marketing and sales plays that maximize revenue.”

Action Point Analytics is well positioned to fill this role, offering a portfolio of integrated data and analytics offerings to meet the needs of marketing professionals throughout the brand engagement cycle. “We are data nerds who ‘get’ marketing and we want our name to better convey what we do,” said Christa Rose.

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