Outsourcing Analytics Makes Sense

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We’re here to take on analytics so you don’t have to.

If you’ve made analytics one of your business resolutions for New Year’s, we applaud you. You are ahead of the curve, less than 15 percent of companies have a complete data management strategy, according to Gartner.

Now, here’s why we highly recommend that you take your forward momentum and channel it into finding the right data analytics partner (full-disclosure, Action Point Consulting is an analytics services provider).


Someone has been down this path, there is no need to level mountains or traverse rivers. Take advantage of the expertise of those who have forged ahead and discovered the sinkholes so that you don’t have to.


Think of the outsourced team as your advance team and surge capacity. You don’t need a data architect to sit around on your payroll while she is waiting for java scripts to be completed. Much of the resource demand in executing data projects should be handled by specialists that you will not need to retain as full-time staff for the long term. That said, we do recommend that every business have a data executive who will oversee the company’s long-term data strategies and who will serve as the institutional repository for the ins and outs of every project.


Let’s face it, you can’t simply promote someone into a lead architect role if he does not have the experience for the job. Laying out an architecture that works for now and works for the future is imperative for a successful data project. This is not something that you want to leave to trial-and-error, do yourself a favor and get an expert.

Customization and Interoperability 

We’ve yet to see the company that asks for an out-of-the-box data analytics project. Every business is working with particular nuances that they want to be addressed in a data solution. Expert teams will be able to accommodate customization without straying from an overall data vision that will give your data infrastructure the flexibility to work within different frameworks as needs arise.


As in every industry niche, and particularly in technology, the leading horizon is expanding so rapidly that a new entrant can be building something that will be obsolete soon after completion. Industry experts are steeped in the forward leanings of the field and will ensure that your project is built to accommodate the changes that are coming down the line.

Security and Compliance

The needs for security and compliance are no joke when it comes to data. There are enormous risks in not knowing what you do not know in this area. In addition, the data protection landscape is always changing as threats evolve. Save yourself the ulcer and make sure you have an expert looking out for your data.


It is a given that data analytics projects do not come cheap. However, when you factor in expensive labor, overhead, op ex and opportunity cost, outsourcing an analytics project can often mean significant savings over going it alone. Not to mention that you avoid “do-over” costs that can set the business back significantly in time, realized revenue and market share.


One of the most frustrating things about data projects is that they take time. A consultant will typically be able to execute a project start-to-finish in the time it takes many companies to simply assemble a team. Results are key to gaining support for data initiatives and generating momentum to see change take hold throughout the organization.

What are your data analytics goals for 2017?

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